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Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast


The Ladies Prayer Breakfsat is an opportunity for all Christian ladies in Shenstone to meet together for an hour on a Saturday morning. Members of Trinity Methodist church and others join with those from St John’s for a continental breakfast, followed by a time when we give thanks and bring to God people and situations on our hearts, in a very informal style. The group meets at 8.30 am in St. John’s lounge and finish at 9.30, roughly bi-monthly.


Early Birds


Early Birds is for families finding faith. It meets in St John’s at 9.30am during term time for 30 minutes of songs, Bible stories and activities followed by refreshments. Although primarily for young families, friends of all ages come and join in from time to time.
Three times a year (at Christmas, Easter and Harvest) there is a celebration service which involves Early Birds, Rainbow Guides and Greysbrooke school choir, when St John’s welcomes  many local families as the big stories of our faith are re-told.


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